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No one knows
we're consultants. 


Okay, sure. We provide guidance to businesses and organizations, but would a consulting firm ever have their "contact us" page listed as "Call Me, Maybe?" We could, like, get sued for that. Gosh, we aren't off to a great start, are we? Let's try this again:

Welcome to The LMC Groups! We love working with small to mid-sized businesses and organizations, providing tools and guidance we developed working with fortune 500 companies, global organizations, and other large corporations. It's exciting to bring cutting edge approaches to organizations lacking the funding, revenue, and resources that larger firms enjoy and often take for granted.

We take our work very seriously, but never ourselves. You will never find a team that works harder for you while also making you smile. Your success is our success. Your challenges are our challenges.


We are your not-so-silent business partners. 

Tell me more, tell me more
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Recent Awards

2020 Most Prolific CEOs

The Leaders Globe

2019 International Business Awards

Bronze Award, Company of the Year

Professional Services Category

2019 League of Extraordinary CEOs

Insights Success

2019 Most Transformational Leaders

Industry Wired

2018 Most Trusted Companies of the Year

Silicon Review

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We thought you'd never ask!

A Message From Our Founder
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Kristen Carroll, Founder

The LMC Groups

Thank you for your interest in The LMC Groups! Like so many treasures in life, my passion for partnering with small businesses and organizations developed when I least expected it. I had spent most of my career working with larger corporations and global brands, both in executive roles and later as a consultant. In 2012 I took on a small project helping a friend’s family business, and that project grew into this unique concept: a concept that defies all sense and logic, yet continues to grow and beat the odds, year after year.

Working with small to mid-sized businesses, as well as community-based organizations, nonprofits, and municipalities, is aligned with my individual values and bedrock principles. These organizations create local jobs, pay taxes, and keep their money in the US. They do this while competing with large, deep-pocketed organizations that benefit from seemingly unending resources, preferential treatment, exceptions, and loopholes.

I love competition. It’s great for ideas, it’s great for business, and it’s great for consumers. It is the crowning joy of my life’s work to be able to assist small organizations to become that competition for the larger organizations, as they lead the way with technology, solutions, reach, and innovation. Steel sharpens steel, and each corner of our economy is stronger when the opposing corners are also strong.

Welcome to LMC. We look forward to getting to know you better!

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Joey Allen, CEO

The LMC Groups

Joey Allen is the CEO of The LMC Groups, overseeing the day-to-day operations of the business services consulting firm and building a strong foundation for its future.


Joey joined LMC in 2014 after partnering with the firm on a number of projects over the years. He has a long history of leadership and company growth as the CEO of Kings Worldwide Transportation in Oklahoma City, OK, and as CEO of Limo Command, which became a member of The LMC Groups in 2020.

Joey is highly regarded for his wisdom, leadership, mentoring, and entrepreneurial spirit.

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