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Find the service that works best for your company!

Full System Implementation

For mid to large operators transitioning to Limo Anywhere, we facilitate and provide direct support at every step along the way to set you up for success. From customizing your system settings, to loading your vehicle and client data; custom messages, confirmations, and invoices; rates to online booking, and training your team. The full range of service includes:

  • Complete set up of all system configurations

  • Provide training and instructions for setting up Accounts and POIs

  • List any sources you’d like to track

  • Enter and set up Service Types

  • Set up all Vehicle Types and Fleet

  • Enter Driver information with appropriate access to Driver Anywhere

  • Set up all Airports & FBOs with pick-up instructions

  • Create additional Payment Methods for better accounting

  • Create Custom Forms

  • Set up Scheduled Messaging and Email Header Templates

  • Set up Dispatch Grid

  • Create all Zones and upload Rates

  • Customize all Miscellaneous Fees and test auto-population

  • Set up any Discount and Promo Codes

  • Enter any Contracted Account Rates

  • Team Training: Reservations, Dispatch, Driver Anywhere, Back Office

  • Test System Functionality

  • Integrate ORES / Website

  • Support during go-live day


Lite System Implementation

Whether you are a new operator or just new to Limo Anywhere, smaller operators benefit from “just the basics.” We’ll help you identify the minimum needs based on your goals for using the system, such as auto-populating rates, setting up for online booking, farming in/out affiliate trips and create a custom plan for lite support.


Rates Set-up

Whether you offer distance-based, hourly, or fixed rate pricing – we can help configure the rates in your system to fit your business’ needs. We can also set up different rates for different times of day, days of the week, or special events, plus custom pricing for repeat customers or high-volume accounts.


System Usage Audit & Optimization

We review your current Limo Anywhere system settings and usage, scan for potential errors, review for efficiencies, recommend best practices and then provide a detailed report of findings and recommendations to help you get the most out of Limo Anywhere.


Software Training

New staff, new Limo Anywhere users, updating your team guidelines? Our Limo Anywhere training is available onsite or via remote webinar.

  • Setting up Accounts and POI’s

  • Reservations

  • Dispatch

  • Driver Anywhere

  • Back Office: Settling trips, Invoicing, Reporting

  • Custom topics as needed


SOP Development

We work collaboratively with you to recommend best practices and create a set of step-by-step instructions for completing a specific process within your organization to provide a clear, concise, and consistent way for employees to manage their tasks and allow for easier onboarding and training.

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