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New Realities, New Plans

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

by Christina Davis, LMC People Director

I figure at this point we are all thinking, “Well, this is a first.” We’ve seen everything from major events being cancelled left and right, people being put in quarantine, restrictions on flights, and schools moving to online learning

to an entire nation being put on lockdown. The outbreak and reaction to COVID-19 is definitely a first, and unfortunately, not one that is exciting or good for our world.

LMC People is a human resources and recruiting firm that assists companies with all their people needs, and today, your needs are likely different than they were just a week ago. Right now, your personnel focus has probably shifted to communication and planning. Have you had to lay off employees due to the current economic environment? Furlough? Cut hours? Are your employees panicking about having to come in to work? Are you using remote work as an option?

So many things to think about and plan for—and LMC People wants to help. Proactive communication and planning can help reduce anxiety and maintain a healthy and safe workplace. We can assist you with your employee planning and communications, ensuring your team understands what is going on with the company operationally, how the company is taking precautions for safety, and where their positions stand as the nation works through this unprecedented situation.

Whether you need a simple communication template or help working with reduced staffing or hourly schedule, we can help. Call or email today for more information on how LMC People can assist you and your company: or 603-389-6817.

We are all in this together.

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