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Summer Days

Kids across America have started the countdown to summer break . . . two more weeks of school means 10 days, if you even count the last day of school because, let’s be honest, nothing gets done that day--you can’t even bring your book bag to school! Late nights, sleeping in, summer camps, swimming: the sky’s the limit for how our kids will enjoy their summer breaks.

We, on the other hand, well, we are adults now, which means we adult year-round. For us, there is no summer break. In fact, many industries get busier this time of year—no summer slowdown. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t enjoy those months! With the snow and cold moving out and beautiful weather moving in, why not come up with some creative ways to make the summer a bit more enjoyable in the office?

  • Meetings scheduled throughout the day . . . why not take them outside?

  • Everyone eats lunch . . . plan a company bar-b-que

  • Baseball is America’s sport . . . plan a family night at your local stadium.

  • Competitions can bring people together . . . come up with a wellness challenge that gets all your employees involved; winner gets a prize!

  • We are all kids at heart . . . have an ice cream social.

  • Can’t get to Hawaii . . . have a Hawaiian shirt day.

  • Vacations . . . during your next staff meeting, have everyone bring in a picture of their favorite vacation.

  • Need a way to stay engaged? . . . create a scavenger hunt that employees can work on individually or in teams.

I’m willing to bet your team can be even more creative with fun events that will make the summer more memorable and help improve that all important, very much needed component in the workplace – teamwork!

Celebrating holidays, observing traditions, and changing with the seasons all add to the richness of human experience and improve our mental health. While we may not experience a childhood summer, we can still make these months special, even in the workplace. As Robertson Davies wrote, “Every man makes his own summer. The season has no character of its own . . . adventures are what make a summer.”

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