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TNC workers numbering in the thousands went on strike in both the U.S. and the U.K. this Valentine’s Day. While the planned strike was brief, it certainly caught the attention of news outlets. And several of the workers interviewed suggested that a longer strike might be more effective, a possible signal of more to come?

Workers and organizers said the strike was part of a campaign for improved working conditions such as higher wages, access to health insurance, and protection from being deactivated without a process for appeal. Meanwhile, many of the companies involved have said the strike did not impact their business or clients; while some have also spoken up about benefits and other planned improvements for those who contract with them. Time will tell what, if anything comes next.

The impact of this week’s Uber strike is unclear as yet, but there are already a couple of takeaways for employers in the Chauffeured Car industry:

TNC drivers are restless.

This could be an excellent climate for a chauffeur recruitment campaign. Take advantage by focusing your recruitment marketing on the stability, earning potential, and benefits of direct employment with your business. Boost your recruitment campaign with things like job ads, a careers landing page, website content, employee blogs, spotlights, and testimonials, keyword campaigns, and Glassdoor certification.


Workers at every level don’t stay where they don’t feel valued.

Do you know if your employees are feeling restless? When is the last time you checked the pulse on your team? If you are not checking in and truly listening, you might find yourself caught off guard by brewing dissatisfaction. Beyond acceptable compensation and benefits, feeling valued means a positive work culture, having their contributions appreciated, their concerns heard and addressed, and their achievements recognized. There is a wide range of culture-building tools to consider, including confidential satisfaction surveys, exit interviews, employee recognition programs, and safe avenues for communicating both issues and ideas.

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