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Don't Miss This Limo Anywhere Update!

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

by Amy Cooley, LMC Ops

Hello! This one is for all the #LimoAnywhere users in our circle. LA’s May 2020 update is jam-packed, and Limo Anywhere provides a rather thorough explanation in their own post here. With so much to unpack, we wanted to highlight our top takeaways that no LA user should miss!

At LMC Ops, we work with clients and industry operators to maximize and optimize the way they use LA. We frequently hear “Oh, I know there is a place I can do this [change this setting/populate this data/customize this language, etc], but where do I find it?!”

Any time a system update adds or relocates a feature or setting, we don’t want you to miss it. And this one is pretty important. “Manage Statuses,” the area where you add, edit, remove statuses, as well as placing and ordering them in your workflows, is no longer accessed from the Dispatch Grid. You will now find this functionality under My Office > Company Settings > System Settings, in the area labeled “System Mapping.” Here you can adjust your Operator and Driver Workflows, as well as Status to Time Mapping.

While status and workflow management are critical to Dispatch, they have broader implications for your operation, including reservations, driver management, and payroll, and it seems a good and logical ‘fit’ to place them under the Office/Administrative area of the system.

Not only has this feature been relocated, but also there is some added functionality you’re likely to notice right away. You’ll find your status list is now grouped according to the corresponding state of the reservation, and these are in order by workflow logic, which should add to overall efficiency. Additionally, you now have the ability to make a status inactive, even if there are trips currently associated with that status. This means you no longer have to go looking for the trip(s) that might be preventing you from making the changes you need to your statuses/workflow.

So there you have it – our top takeaway from the most recent LA update. Again, we would encourage you to take the time to read Limo Anywhere’s related blog post – there are several requested fixes and functional updates, and you’ll want to be in the know.

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