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Hiring Customer Service Agents

Everyone knows today's recruitment landscape is challenging. Here are some tips we've found useful, especially when hiring customer service agents:

  • Do your best to make the process user/candidate-friendly, and definitely don’t drag your feet. Great candidates are more than likely talking with other potential employers as well.

  • Expect a higher rate of interview and new hire no-shows. It’s not fun but adjusting your expectations now can help to mitigate your frustration.

  • Do get input from your leadership/management team and trusted employees. Diverse perspectives are proven to result in better decision-making.

  • Do a meaningful reference check. If possible, conduct reference checks in conversation. A reference might share more candidly if they do not have to put it in writing.

  • As always, when in doubt or needing a boost, reach out to an HR or recruiting professional, and in the new recruiting environment, your marketing team should also be front and center.

For more on this topic, please check out my latest article in Chauffeur Driven magazine.

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