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Leveraging Airline Travelers’ Habits for Your Ground Transportation Business

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

Facebook IQ released an infographic based on their data gathering of travel industry information, and it reveals a lot about the habits and tendencies of travelers. While the infographic covers airline travelers this information has insights for ground transportation providers as well.

It’s no surprise that two thirds of travelers find their flights online—most of us probably go right to an airline’s website or an aggregator to book. Online booking is not as common in the chauffeured car industry as it is in air travel, but considering that’s where some potential customers are looking, be sure the portal on your website is convenient and comprehensive. Note too that women are almost twice as likely to look for flights on mobile—you may want to offer a mobile booking app.

You can also direct your marketing efforts to airline travelers by targeting Facebook and online ads to people looking for flights departing or arriving in your city. If you are part of an affiliate network, offer ground transportation in destination cities as well.

Many people report choosing flights because of past experiences (94%) and recommendations from friends and family (70%), but 80% of passengers book because of loyalty programs. Airline rewards programs clearly influence behavior. While you may not be able to issue your own credit card so your passengers can accumulate miles, there are simple loyalty programs you can offer to your customers that can increase bookings.

Facebook says that people use its products to find travel destinations, share their experiences, and coordinate their plans. The most interesting finding regarding post-purchase engagement is that 65% number: that’s the percentage of people who want the brands they use to engage with them. It’s no surprise that travelers want discounts, but they also want live updates. Is your passenger communication thorough but not obnoxious? You can offer text and email confirmations and updates or allow travelers to indicate how they wish to be contacted.

Another way to engage is to maintain a strong social media presence and be sure post content regularly. We know from Facebook’s report that people use social media to find new travel destinations, so posting travel ideas and photos is a great strategy.

Customer surveys are also excellent methods of engagement. Set up automatic surveys sent to customers at the conclusion of every trip. Your passengers will feel heard, and you can gather valuable information.

If you are looking for help in improving your marketing, social media, or customer service efforts, LMC can help. Call us at 603-217-5045 or send us an email:

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