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LMC’s Founder and CEO Signs Contract to Write Book for Indigo River Publishing

Manchester, NH—January 28, 2020—Management consulting firm The LMC Groups announced today that its Founder and CEO Kristen Carroll is writing a book to be published later this year. The book, tentatively titled Life is Yours: How To Be the CEO of Your Life, is based on Carroll’s life experiences and personal philosophy.

Kristen Carroll is a Business Artist and the Founder and CEO of The LMC Groups, a US-based consulting firm focusing on small to mid-sized businesses, non-profits, and municipalities. A long-time business consultant and serial entrepreneur, Carroll has worked with organizations of all different sizes and scopes, coaching them to excellence. In addition to her entrepreneurial success, Carroll has visited over 40 countries, recorded a professional album, owned and sold an art gallery, and completed several sprint triathlons. She is also an acclaimed artist and photographer and an excellent vocalist.

Carroll was approached to write the book by an agent at Indigo River Publishing who had been following her social media presence, magazine articles, and blog posts, as well as the content from her frequent speaking engagements. Indigo River, which publishes a wide range of titles, was interested in authors with fresh voices not usually represented in business books. Carroll’s business acumen, coupled with her rich and varied accomplishments and her extensive writing and speaking experience, caused her to stand out as a potential author. Indigo River invited Carroll to submit a proposal. She did, and their board accepted it unanimously and enthusiastically.

“As a lifelong writer, it’s been a plan of mine to write a series of books to share the knowledge I’ve amassed working with many diverse organizations and leaders throughout my career,” said Carroll. “The opportunity to work with such an established and esteemed team of publishers is a great delight, and I look forward to sharing my process with other aspiring writers.”

Carroll’s editor at Indigo River Publishing, Jackson Haynes, explained what drew him to her book: "The difference in someone's life is often one person, one concept, or one moment that sparks a cognitive transition. The ability to help someone realign their mindset is a genuine craft that utilizes inspiration––empowerment––perception––etc.––to create that spark, and those who practice this craft are the catalysts rippling towards a better tomorrow. I view Kristen Carroll's book––Life Is Yours––as one of these catalysts with a fresh, artistic approach that will be an avant-garde movement to living a better life."

Life is Yours will be available from online booksellers such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble, as well as thousands of brick and mortar bookstores nationwide. Indigo River Publishing recently signed a distribution agreement with Simon & Schuster, which will significantly expand the book’s reach.

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