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Winning the Resolutions Game

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

In almost every other facet of life, we think goal setting is an important piece of getting where you’re going. If you aim for nothing, that’s what you’ll hit, right? ba dum tss

So why is it that New Year’s Resolutions end up being a punchline rather than a tactic to keep our lives on track at the beginning of a new Gregorian calendar year? We have a full year ahead of us; the options are endless. Maybe that’s part of the problem. Any 12-step program will tell you that habits are made by the moment or by the day, rather than in massive swaths of life. It’s hard to give up sugar for a year, but it’s not so hard to avoid sugar today.

Goals in general, whether they are resolutions for a new year or whether they are related to our work or personal growth or life goals, really only work if they are realistic and if we have a plan to succeed. We won’t bore you with the SMART acronym goal chatter that you’ve been hearing for years, but we do believe in the principles behind the concept.

This year, our team decided to #LifeHack our resolutions, mostly forgoing the typical goals about eating healthy, working out, saving money, self-improvement, and all that nonsense, and leaning into our own deep truths and pursuits.

Take Melissa, for example. She works with our Spotlight team, and she also owns a real estate brokerage.

  • Exercising -- at least once a week.

  • Treating myself to a donut for every $25k I earn.

  • Be a little more like Judge Judy.

  • Wear real pants 40% of the time.

  • Actually pay attention to the TV shows I'm watching.

Or Kristen, our Founder and Chief Absurdity Officer:

  • Last year I committed to learning to drink a dirty martini, and I’m quite pleased to report I was successful in that endeavor. So this year, I’m going to take on white wine. I’ve always been a red girl, but there’s a whole world out there I’m missing.

  • It’s been 15 years since I wrote and recorded my first original rap album, and I think the sophomore album is LONG overdue. So maybe that. Yes. Definitely that. This is a resolution, not a resomaybe.

  • Take fewer pictures. Like, maybe limit them to 1,000 a month. The cloud is bursting.

  • Travel less. The world is awesome, but I’m exhausted.

Joey Allen, CEO

  • Learn to be less competitive against my employees when playing games.

  • Let my freak flag fly high.

  • Find a new barbershop quartet to join, as this straw hat isn’t going to wear itself.

  • Convince Delta to put a Sky Lounge at OKC.

Stephanie, head of LMC Spotlight

  • Stalk my sons’ every movement slightly less.

  • Get 10-20 minutes of outside daylight each day before 9:00 a.m. because a guy on TikTok was very convincing that it will change my life.

  • Befriend Ree Drummond and convince her that the Pioneer Woman is the future of her brand, volunteering to be the Snoop to her Martha.

Kato, LMC Ops

  • I am happy to use 2023 to be less suspicious of suits of armor.

  • I’d also like to hiccup less, not none, just less.

  • Also, I feel like we should bring back Zubaz in the gym. Maybe not me, but collectively we should agree that someone should bring back Zubaz.

  • I was going to use 2023 to be less judgemental of Canada, but in explaining that I already described it as a “lifestyle choice” and I recognize that people are “born Canadian,” but maybe that’s for 2024.

Editor's Note: Learning to drive, still did not make the cut. But alas, there are tree stumps for pretending.

Samantha, LMC Spotlight:

  • Find a new job. (These people are BONKERS! Send help!)

  • Perform my secret magic skills on stage…in front of real people.

  • Convince my mother that being a flexitarian is ALMOST as good.

  • Stop worrying so much about what my mother thinks.

Amy, LMC People

  • Find more opportunities for day drinking.

  • Give someone a piece of my mind, for maybe the first time ever.

  • Finally store all those masks I made during quarantine that no one uses anymore.

  • Perhaps try cheese again. But don’t push me.

Lucas Dionne, Ops Manager of Limo Command

  • Start a guest lecture series on the merits of HARRY POTTER in a post-Rowling society.

  • Give up anxiety.

  • Just kidding. The world would collapse.

  • Become a potato farmer.

  • Get ducked for the first time…after I buy myself a WRANGLER!

Alison Ford, Business Development

  • You know me, I don’t follow instructions? What’s this thing for?

  • Who cares. Is this resolutions? Okay, I got one for ya. I resolve to do the splits in public at least once a month.

  • Somebody has to keep this lame world on their toes…and what better way to do that then by slamming myself onto the ground to the shock and confusion of the onlookers.

  • Woooooohoooo! 2023! Let’s go!

Have any resolutions you’d like to share with us? Let us know in the comments!

Have a happy and healthy 2023, everybody!

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