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Glassdoor: The Review Site You Might Be Overlooking

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

If you’ve Googled your company’s online reviews lately, you’ve probably seen your Glassdoor rating, along with ratings on Yelp, TripAdvisor, and Google. Unlike typical consumer online review sites, Glassdoor allows employees to review their employers and share their salaries. It’s also a popular recruiting and job search site; in fact, 88% of Glassdoor visitors search for or apply for jobs. And jobseekers will check out your profile: when The LMC Groups had an open position last month, our Glassdoor profile views went up 188% even though we didn't advertise the position on the site!

Many business owners don’t worry too much about less-than-stellar Glassdoor ratings; they rightly perceive that customers’ buying decisions are more influenced by Google reviews than Glassdoor. However, unlike many review sites, Glassdoor offers powerful employer tools for companies to use.

Why should a business use Glassdoor?

1. Gain insights into employee satisfaction.

Healthy companies value employee feedback, evaluate it, and make warranted changes—that’s why regular employee surveys are so important. In fairness, people tend to leave online reviews when they are very happy (5 stars!) or very unhappy (1 star), so your company’s Glassdoor reviews will likely be at one extreme of the other. However, if you get multiple reviews that complain about inadequate resources or unresponsive management, it’s worth looking into those issues.

2. Demonstrate that you value employee feedback.

By responding to every review—positive, negative, or neutral—you can show that your company is open to criticism and dedicated to improvement. In addition, people are more likely to leave reviews when the company responds so they know they are not shouting into the void.

3. Promote your company.

Glassdoor offers lots of tools to promote your branding, culture, and latest news. Include photos, add logos, and post regularly about your company updates. Your followers will get notifications whenever you post. We recommend achieving Open Company status to highlight your business and demonstrate your transparency.

4. Recruit new employees.

Glassdoor is a great resource for job seekers, who can find information about your company, salaries, and interview experiences. Your HR team can advertise and promote open positions to an audience of potential candidates.

5. Track trends and changes.

Glassdoor provides employers with analytics so they can get a clearer picture of their employees’ opinions and job candidates’ interview experiences. Problems can be addressed quickly to avoid long-term issues.

Glassdoor offers a lot of options for its free accounts, but a paid employer account will give you even more options in terms of advertising, branding, and recruiting.

If you would like to learn more about how LMC can help you maximize Glassdoor for your company, please email


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