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Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Summertime! I always feel more energized this time of year - shedding my heavy coats and sweaters, spending more time outside, flowers blooming, grass growing green, Mother’s Day, picnics, proms, graduations, gardens, weddings, school concerts, theatre tickets, lightness and bright, new life and energy in the air.

For my friends and clients in the livery industry, all this energy and activity usually means a very busy operation – chauffeurs fully booked, detailers working double time, reservationists managing call after call, and dispatchers doing some pretty fancy footwork. Everyone pitches in, works at a faster pace, and maybe puts in longer hours. And it is GREAT for business… except when it isn’t.

Wait a minute – what?! Why would lots of trips and lots of revenue be bad?? Well, when we get busy, we work faster, and our stress levels increase: prime factors in making mistakes and letting things fall through the cracks. Maybe you rush your new hire training, or maybe you just ASSUME everyone in the office has the latest protocols mastered and knows how to price your newest vehicle or service or how to handle a difficult client. Missing special requests on a client’s trip, typos, turning down trips, failing to follow up on potential new business, misquoting rates, even misrepresenting your business: these office mishaps lead to service failures and you could lose existing business or miss out on new business.

My recommended remedy for this situation is Call Monitoring.

Oh yes, I know your answer to that: but I DO record my calls! And I go back and listen to calls when we have service failures.

LOVE IT! FANTASTIC! But how about the issues you’re not made aware of? How about service failures that could have been prevented? And what about the new business left on the table?

With regular call monitoring, I promise you’ll be SHOCKED by what you hear! I didn’t make up the list of call errors I named above: these are all things that my clients have discovered through call monitoring. And while these issues can be intensified when you’re in a busy season, shocking call scenarios are heard year-round. And that’s just not something any of us can afford to ignore.

So I say, get those calls monitored, and you’ll enjoy the sunny days and the busy business season all the more!

We’re so confident in this service offering, LMC is offering a FREE WEEK of Call Monitoring to the first ten companies who claim it. (No Strings Attached, but you won’t want to let go!)

You can reach Amy directly at for more information on Call Monitoring and how The LMC Group can help.

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