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Park Avenue Chauffeur Extraordinaire Jorge Czuczuk

With all the challenges facing the livery industry today—the tight labor market, the prevalence of the TNCs, the unfair policies of some cities, airports, and venues--it is easy to get discouraged. But there is something that makes us stand out in the ground transportation industry, something that can’t be thwarted no matter how many partnerships Uber announces: the great care we take of our customers. Recently we had an experience that took this commitment to customer service to a whole new level.

At the LCT/NLA Show East in early November, members of The LMC Group were in Atlantic City for the event. We rented a house close to the conference center through an online booking site. LMC HR Director Christina Davis was picked up at the airport by Park Avenue Limousine’s chauffeur, Jorge Czuczuk. When Jorge arrived at the rental house, he immediately became concerned about the area. He asked Christina to call the rest of the LMC team members to confirm that it was the right location. Christina assured him that she was fine, and Jorge dropped her off.

But Jorge’s concern for his passenger did not stop there. He called Alan Candeub, president of Park Avenue, and told him how worried he was for the LMC personnel staying at the house. Alan immediately called LMC and told us that the location was not great and that he could find us a new location that would be safer.

In the end, we were safe and sound in the rental house, but it meant so much to Christina and the other members of LMC to know how dedicated everyone at Park Avenue is to their passengers’ safety, from the chauffeurs to the president of the company.

We asked Park Avenue’s VP of Operations Briana Candeub how the company had fostered this level of customer service. She explained:

I feel that customer service is truly something that can’t be taught. We can train our chauffeurs where to pick up at the airport, how to use our software, and the little nuances of Park Avenue, but you either have customer service in you or you don’t. As much as I would like to take credit for Jorge’s actions regarding this particular situation, I can’t. All I can take credit for is properly vetting and hiring the correct person for the job. Jorge is definitely a diamond in the rough and one of the best chauffeurs to walk through our door!

We work with a lot of livery clients, and we know that a company culture like Park Avenue’s does not happen by accident.

  1. They hire quality chauffeurs who are customer focused.

  2. They empower their chauffeurs to go above and beyond for their clients.

  3. Their management prioritizes each individual passenger, even during a tremendously busy time.

  4. As demonstrated by Briana’s comment, whenever possible they focus praise on their employees rather than taking credit.

We believe there is no other segment of the ground transportation industry that can dedicate itself to superior customer service and duty of care like the livery industry can. It’s a differentiator that makes a tremendous difference to your clients.

If you would like to learn more about LMC's customer service offerings, please contact Amy Cooley at

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